How to Add Distance to Your Kicks (Webinar)


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With territory and field position of such great value in rugby, those players that can kick with penetration are such a key for any team’s success.

Whether you are kicking for goal, the corner or clearing from deep inside your own territory, being able to kick long distance accurately creates so many opportunities for your team.

After all, it’s a game of inches, right?

In this recorded webinar video, I dispel a long held belief that all big kickers of a rugby ball are naturally talented players.

You see, like any skill there is a system and process required to achieve good, consistent results.

In this 35 min coaching video you will learn:

√ A proven method of improving distance regardless of age or current skill level
√ All of the practical steps, that you can begin to practice at your next practice session
√ The one simple ingredient that most coaches won’t teach you

This video has been created from over 15 years of coaching kicking and skills at all levels of competition. Save yourself time, energy and further frustration and learn how now.