Yo-Yo Domination


Improve your Yo-Yo Score by more than 14% in just 4 Weeks

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Over the last 15 years, the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test has become the “go to” test for rugby coaches, teams, high-performance programs and development pathways around the world.

And the rise of 7s has made this even more so, with many programs using it discriminator of players.

Make the minimum, or you have no chance.

Players wanting to be seen must perform well in the Yo-Yo or risk missing their chance at being seen.  Rightly, or more wrongly, this is the way it is.

I’ve personally sat in selection meetings where coaches raved about an athlete’s Yo-Yo score. Better than Richie McCaw. Must make the top team.  He did but disappeared soon thereafter.

As 7s moves the pendulum towards physical qualities, many National team programs around the world push the Yo-Yo hard. The USA published some “minimum” guidelines several years ago and utilize the test in all their “talent identification” camps.

It also stands that if a coach or program feels the Yo-Yo has value, it must also have value as an area to pursue improvement.

In Yo-Yo domination, you will find a program designed to improve your Yo-Yo result by 14% in just 4 weeks*.

And keep in mind, while this program will deliver fantastic improvements in your Yo-Yo score, it will also improve your rugby conditioning.  The methods here are used by elite teams such as the All Blacks, England, Australia, the most successful Super Rugby franchises over the last decade and more or less the entire NRL.

We have just delivered these methods in a program that will lead to dominating the Yo-Yo as well.

Every session is laid out and individualized based on your current Yo-Yo performance.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a current Yo-Yo score but have a test coming up, we cover that too.

In the product, you will find two programs, the based program and a turbocharged program for even greater results.

All purchasers of Yo-Yo domination will receive lifetime updates and access to any programs we release for the product.

All components of Yo-Yo Domination are digitally accessed so you can buy right now and get started today.

If you are ready to take your Yo-Yo to the next level, pick up your copy right now.


*Results not typical and all that. 14% was the average improvement within a group of elite athletes. You might buy the program, not undertake it and see no improvement.  You might undertake it and only see a 5% improvement in 4 weeks.  Or like others who have undertaken the program you might see a 20-25% improvement in 4 weeks.