An Overview of the Rugby Fitness Coach Certification

The Rugby Fitness Coach course is the IRCA's foundational physical preparation course.

  • Intermediate training
  • Videos in HD format
  • Approximate 9-hours + Assessments
  • Downloadable PDFs

Prerequisites and Requirements

There are no pre-requisites to undertake the Rugby Fitness Coach course.

What Will You Learn?

The Rugby Fitness Coach course is primarily aimed at coaches at the sub-elite level.  Course content is applicable to all rugby coaches and covers on-field aspects of physical preparation for rugby.

Assessment Requirements

Assessment for this course consists of a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each module and a short assignment at the end of the course.  The assignment has been condensed and is designed to be relevant to your current coaching situation.

Course Units are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction and Administration

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to the IRCA

Module 2: Rugby: The game and it's demands

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Module 3: Testing & Assessment

  • Introduction to Testing & Assessment
  • Principles of Testing & Assessment
  • Testing & Assessment in Rugby

Module 4: Energy System Development

  • Introduction to Energy System Development
  • The Anaerobic-Alactic System
  • Rugby and the Alactic System
  • Developing the Alactic System for Rugby
  • The Anaerobic-Glycolytic System
  • Rugby and the Anaerobic-Glycolytic System
  • Developing the Anaerobic-Glycolytic System for Rugby
  • The Aerobic System
  • Rugby and the Aerobic System
  • Developing the Aerobic System for Rugby

Module 5: Speed & Agility

  • Introduction to Speed & Agility
  • Sub-Qualities of Speed
  • Common Speed Training Mistakes
  • Practical Recommendations for Agility Training
  • Agility Training
  • Programming of Speed Training
  • Speed Training for Rugby

Module 6: Recovery Methods

  • Introduction to Recovery and Restoration
  • Methods of Recovery
  • Recovery and Restoration for Rugby

Module 7: Flexibility & Mobility

  • Introduction to Flexibility and Mobility
  • Flexibility & Mobility Theory
  • Practical Applications for Rugby

Module 8: Practical Nutrition & Supplementation

  • Introduction to Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Practical Nutrition
  • Supplementation

Module 9: Planning and Periodization

  • Introduction to Planning and Periodization
  • Differences between 7s and 15s
  • Different Methods of Periodization
  • The Annual Plan
  • The Mesocycle
  • The Microcycle
  • The Individual Session